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 Why this board was created!

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Why this board was created! Empty
PostSubject: Why this board was created!   Why this board was created! EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 3:32 pm

Hello, my name is Shawn and I am an avid supporter of our beloved breed. I also co-own a Kennel with my partner Paul called Bad Karma Kennelz. I have been around the American Pitbull Terrier for over 20 years, and the American Bully since it started. I love both breeds and simply wanted to create a board that I felt could bring a community of bully lovers together. The goal of this was to bring breeders together to help people who are just starting out, along with other goals. If we educate those who know little about the breed, we help it survive and become a better breed, too many people argue because someone post a simple question asking about how to do certain things when it comes to breeding. Everyone has to have a start, and I would rather see someone come here and have a chance to become educated in their breeding choices rather than breed dogs with faults that harm the whole breed in whole.
The next purpose of the board was to provide a place where people who are approved members could post pups and adult dogs for sale, and list their breedings. This gives them a chance to advertise without having to spend a fortune. We try to screen each approved member to make sure they are legit, but cannot be held responsible for their actions. That being said, we will not allow post from puppy mills, nor people with multiple complaints about not providing paper work or scams. This will not be tolerated. If anyone encounters anyone on this board who they feel is trying to scam them, please report it to myself or a mod.
So in all I wanted to create a place where people could sell, talk, and live bully. This board provides a means to all of them and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see added please contact myself or a mod with your questions or suggestions. Remember this is place for us to come together as a community, so respect one another and have a great time.

Keep it Bully
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Why this board was created!
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