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 Breeding Color!

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Breeding Color! Empty
PostSubject: Breeding Color!   Breeding Color! EmptySat Sep 26, 2009 1:03 pm

Okay one thing I wanted to touch was the subject of breeding for color. While I do not suggest that being the only reason someone breeds, I do however realize people are going to do this. Well blue being a popular color, I am seeing more and more skin issues with our blue bullies. This is because a lot of breeders unknowingly are breeding in these traits by simply breeding for a color without knowing any genetics. The color blue is a diluted form of Black, and this dilution gene is what passes on to make other blue dogs. The problem arises when someone keeps breeding diluted genes to diluted genes. This meaning breeding blue to blue time after time. It keeps weakening the gene and starts to cause major skin issues. At some point you need to breed back to a black dog to strengthen up the genes. This will help avoid certain skin problems due to too much dilution. If anyone has other suggestions deff post them, this is what we are here for to pass along information. This is the way we create better breeders, by informing them of how to do things properly. Bashing people and talking down to them is not the solution that will keep our beloved breed around for years to come, it is the sharing of knowledge. Remember breeders with poor knowledge not only have effects on themselves but the rest of the bully community as a whole. You have to learn somewhere, and on to many boards and other places I see people get flamed for asking a simple question, well this is what we wish to change. If you are indeed wanting to simply know more about the breed and how to do things right then we will try in every way to get you some information that will help you.
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Breeding Color!
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