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 Mike At Devil's Den Kennel Interview

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Mike At Devil's Den Kennel Interview Empty
PostSubject: Mike At Devil's Den Kennel Interview   Mike At Devil's Den Kennel Interview EmptyTue Sep 29, 2009 5:46 pm

This was an interview done through e-mail with Mike of Devil's Den Kennel

1. What inspired you to become a breeder?
1. always loved dogs esp. Pits

2. What lines do you use in your breeding program?
2. 100 Razorsedge only

3. Do you think people breeding dogs with faults is a big issue in our community?
3. NO

4. How do you differ than most kennels?
4. dont kno what most kennels do but Devilsden takes time building a strong foundation with out cutting any corners

5. What kind of health and nutrition tips would you give other breeders?
5. feed high protien kibble 2 times a day nothing more nothing less

6. What registry do you use the most and why?
6. ABKC it is the evolution of our breed ..be a part of it

7. Whats the average price for a dog from your kennel and how do you justify that pricing?
7. $3000 u get what you pay for

8. Who are some kennels that you are really keeping an eye on yourself?
8. i dont watch no body , copy no body or go on any other breeder web sites ,thats just about the worst thing you can do if you want to be unique in the game

9. What breedings do you have coming up soon?
9 . Devilsdens CONTRA , Devilsdens Krooklyn

10. The Dog in the Bully world really standing out to you name and why this dog stands out?
10. Razorsedge Rizzy he is the perfect true example of were our breed his going
and the AMbully

11. What is your goals when breeding?
11. Devilsden has a big folowing so its to produce what the public wants

12. On your own yard which of your own dogs in you favorite and why?
12. i dont play favorites everone dog in our yard has to be on the same level or be there for a good reason

13. If you could own any dog which dog would it be and Why?
13. Ciaro r.i.p. nothing ever toped him yet

14. What is the best advice to someone new to breeding?
14. cut no corners take your time and stop looking at other dog sites for inspiration
find it out side the dog world ....


Interview done by
of Dream Catcher Kennel
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Mike At Devil's Den Kennel Interview
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