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 Royalty Kennel Interview

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PostSubject: Royalty Kennel Interview   Royalty Kennel Interview EmptySun Sep 27, 2009 5:42 pm

Royalty Kennel Interview

1. What inspired you to become a breeder?
- I'm not really sure why I started breeding... it just happend over time. After being introduced to my first APBT (Tai) at the age of 15, and spending a lot of time with this dog, I fell in love with the breed. I did a lot of research and studying before I ever purchased my first couple APBTs. The rest just kind of happend, and here I am today Smile

2. What lines do you use in your breeding program?
- We have mostly Razors Edge stuff... (the original-old school, & some of the new). We don't like to have 100% of any bloodline, so we incorporate other UKC show lines like: Gaff, Larum, Noble (Watchdog), Knowlwood, and others to keep that nice conformation in our program.

3. Do you think people breeding dogs with faults is a big issue in our community?
- I don't so much think people breeding faults in the dog world is as big of an issue as it is that people don't take into consideration the proper way of breeding a dog with a fault. In my opinion, all dogs have a fault, there is no perfect dog. Although, some faulted dogs should not be bred. Dogs with faults will & do get bred, but there is a wrong & right way to breed them... people need to do more research and breed carefuly, for the right reasons. I think there are more breeders out there that are breeding for the wrong reasons.

4. How do you differ than most kennels?
- We don't really compare ourselves with other kennels/breeders. We breed for ourselves first & don't go with whatever is 'IN' at the moment.

5. What kind of health and nutrition tips would you give other breeders?
- I see alot of breeders that have dogs with nice pedigrees that look great, but the care of the dogs are poor. Keep your dogs kennels & crates clean, they don't want to live in filth. Give them fresh water daily. Dont' just top off the water bucket when it gets low... change it! Give them lots of exercise, it makes for a happy, healthy dog. Socialize them, they are social animals & happier when socialized. Feed them a quality dog food, not whatever is on sale at the time. Keep them on a steady diet that works well for them. Changing foods frequently can mess their digestive system up and make for messy stools. Make sure you give them monthly heartworm prevention, heartworms are a bad way for an animal to die & it's easily prevented. Give your dogs monthly flea prevention and tick prevention if they need it. These parasites will suck the life out of your dogs and can carry sickly & sometimes deadly diseases as well as making your dogs uncomfortable. Teach/train your dogs, they thrive to learn new things, they can be very smart animals when taught & trained how to do so. Take them to the vet at least once a year for a check up. Keep them up to date on vaccines and dewormings. And last but not least love your dogs, give them attention, the care you take for your dogs will make a difference in how they look & act. They will reflect you & the care & attention you show them!

6. What registry do you use the most and why?
- In my opinion different registries for the APBT have different styles. The UKC style dog has always been more our style, therefor all of our dogs are UKC registered and what we mostly use to register our dogs. However we are now dual registering all of our dogs with the ABKC as we like their style in the breed as well.

7. Whats the average price for a dog from your kennel and how do you justify that pricing?
- Our average prices are around $500 - $1000, sometimes less, sometimes more. Our pricing depends moslty on the breeding, the quality we feel the pups or dogs to be & the amount of pups in the litter. We do not price our dogs on pedigree alone... I've seen plenty of awesome pedigreed dogs that looked nothing like you would expect from their pedigree.

8. Who are some kennels that you are really keeping an eye on yourself?
- I wouldn't say so much that we keep our eye on certain kennels so much as certain dogs... I'd rather keep my eye on a well producing dog than other kennels or breeders. A well producing dog will produce well put with almost anything, a good kennel or breeder just helps to organize the best breedings for the dogs in my opinion. But I will say that Pratts Pits & Jboyz produce some nice ABKC style dogs.

9. What breedings do you have coming up soon?
- We just had a litter off of:
ABKC CH Jboyz Don Vitto of CBP & Royalty's Summer Love.
Puppies will be ABKC/UKC & DNA-VIP eligible.
- In 2010 we have 3 breedings:
1) Jboyz/OTCB Bun B & UKC GRCH 'PR' Dynasty's Blessing's Really Hot.
2) Jboyz Revalation & Royalty's Summer Love.
3) Big Easy's WCBP Head Lock & Royalty's Remington

10. The Dog in the Bully world really standing out to you name and why this dog stands out?
- I think Heff, Paco, & Remy Martin stand out to me the most right now because of how consistant they produce, and that their offspring seem to carry on the same strong traits down for generations & keep those same consistant looks, temperament, traits.

11. What is your goals when breeding?
- Our goals when producing a litter of pups is to hope to bring out both parents' best traits in their offspring. Temperament being most important, we strive to produce dogs with close to standard conformation, drive, natural muscle tone, & athletic abilities, keeping the look we like. We also try to keep a variety of all colors in our lines, although we do not breed or pick our dogs/pups by color or markings.

12. On your own yard which of your own dogs are your favorites and why?
- We don't have any favorites right now, I like them all equally for different reasons. All have great temperaments, and are close to to the standard in which we are breeding for. We try to keep only the best dogs/pups for our breeding program.

13. If you could own any dog which dog would it be and Why?
- That's a hard question... being I have not met them all in person. In looks & productions alone I would love to own, Deville, Don Vitto, Head Lock, Remy Martin, Heff, Chub Rock, Bun B, Revalation .... and a few others... In order to choose only one, I would have to meet each in person Smile

14. What is the beast advice to someone new to breeding?
- Do lots of research before buying or breeding any breed of dogs. Take your time in finding what looks & bloodlines you like most. Don't buy or breed for what everyone else is into. Talk to people and find quality breeders to deal with. Don't ever buy or breed a dog based on it's pedigree alone. Don't buy a pup or breed a dog based of it's color alone, or because it's of 'ok' quality with a cheap price tag. If a dog doesn't look worth breeding, don't breed it, even if you spent alot of money & put in a lot of time raising him or her from a pup .... It's up to you as a responsable breeder & owner to do the right thing. Not all dogs are of breeding quality. Remember all dogs have faults but it's up to you to learn the right and wrong way to breed them, and which ones shouldn't be bred at all. Make sure you can properly care for however many dogs you decide to own financially, they aren't cheap when properly cared for. Make sure your dogs are healthy, especially before you breed them! An unhealthy female can't care properly for a litter of pups. Make sure your females are physically, mentally, & mature enough to handle a litter of puppies. Always keep their living conditions clean. Always plan your breedings to better the breed, no matter what breed you are breeding, and make a difference in that breed for the better! Never think you know it all because you don't, be open minded, listen, and you will continue to learn every day Smile And last but not least... Love your dogs & what you do, if you don't enjoy it, don't do it because you will not be successful .... Good Luck!

I really enjoyed taking the time to answer these questions. I think most of them would be good questions for new owners to ask breeders that they are considering purchasing a puppy or dog from Smile

Dennis & Heidi Perry

Thank you very much for the interview Royalty Kennel

Interview done by
of Dream Catcher Kennel
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Royalty Kennel Interview
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